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tv   Real Money With Ali Velshi  Al Jazeera America  December 8, 2013 3:30am-4:01am EST

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they are trying to prevent a friendlier image of the islamic republic and engage with western countries. there's the front page of the if you want to take a look in more check
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>> this is al jazeera america. live from new york city. and i'm morgan radford. >> a cold snap across the country is paralyzing country in the roads and air. several deaths have been linked to the weather, bringing snow from the midwest to texas. >> the family of a u.s. veteran released in custody from north korea is asking for privacy. merrill newman is spending his first full day back in the u.s. with loved ones after the 85-year-old was detained in north korea for allegedly committing crimes in the korean war. >> hundreds of troops arrive in the central african rl